About Selling Your Home

We've listed several of the most frequently asked questions, but we'd be more than happy to answer your questions personally anytime.  Just give us a call at 877-428-9269 or 703-987-5186 or email us at


Q.  Who usually sells their houses to you?
A.  Great question. Actually, that’s one of the most frequently asked questions we get, and the answer is simple.  Homeowners from all walks of life sell houses, homes and properties for a number of reasons, including:

  • Facing foreclosure
  • Desire to sell an inherited property
  • Tired of making mortgage payment for a property they don’t live in
  • Relocating to a new area
  • No money to make repairs
  • Getting rid of a rental property

Q.  What type of houses do you buy?
A.  Homes that require serious repair or ones that keep homeowners captive in bad situations.  This typically includes:

  • Houses facing foreclosure
  • Houses requiring repairs or updates
  • Landlords tired of tenants
  • Inherited houses
  • Houses that are no longer convenient for homeowners, such as a long commute to a new job
  • Houses with bad memories for a homeowner, such as death, tragic experience, or divorce
  • Houses in undesirable areas or in high crime neighborhoods
  • Houses that cause any other type of disadvantage to a homeowner

Q.  How does the process work when selling our home to you?
A.  It’s a simple four step process: (1) you contact us and tell us about the house (2) we visit the house (3) we make you a no-obligation cash offer to buy the house (4) if you accept our offer, we buy your house hassle free.

Q.  Can I expect a market value offer for my home?
A.  When selling your home to us we’ll consider the condition of your home, and will make a fair offer to pay cash.  In determining the offer we’ll discount from the estimated retail value after it is fully renovated.  This means we’ll buy your home for cash at a price that is below market value due to necessary repairs, renovation and other factors.  You will enjoy the conveniences of an all cash closing when selling your home to us.  You won’t have to deal with any mortgage approval hassles, you won’t have to pay any normal closing costs, and you don’t have to make repairs to your home.  Close as quickly as within seven days of receiving an offer for cash, and you’re free of the worries of owning that house.

Q.  How do you determine the price you will offer for my house?
A.  We take a number of factors into consideration when determining a cash offer.  After visiting your home and going over our frequently asked questions and any additional questions you may have, our representative will evaluate:

  • The existing condition of your home
  • The extent and cost of repairs needed to resell your home
  • The time it will take to finish needed repairs
  • The value of your home compared to other comparable homes in the area
  • The real estate commission required to resell your home
  • The costs associated with maintaining your home during repairs, including taxes, payments, insurance, utilities, homeowner dues, and more

Q.  Do you buy condos and townhouses, too?
A.  Yes, we buy single family homes, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, townhouses, condos, apartments, and occasionally some commercial properties.

Q.  Do you buy mobile homes?
A.  No. If you’re selling your home and it’s a mobile or manufactured home, we will be unable to make an offer. This is regardless of whether it’s on a fixed foundation or tied down.

Q.  Do I have to pay a fee for you to make an offer on my home?
A.  No. You never have to pay anything for us to make an offer when you’re interested in selling your home for cash.  We’ll schedule a visit at a time that’s convenient for you, answer your questions, evaluate your home, and make an all cash offer with no obligation, and at no cost to you.

Q.  Do I have to sell to you if I contact you for a cash offer?
A.  No. You’re never obligated to sell to us when we submit an offer.  You can choose to accept our cash offer, or you can choose not to.  The decision is all up to you and the offer is with no obligation and no cost to you.

Q.  Who is Mason Real Estate Group?
A.  We’re a limited liability company based in Virginia.  We are a for profit service disabled veteran owned small business that focuses on investing in residential real estate.

Q.  What if I need a Short Sale?
A.  Please feel free to contact us and we can review your particular situation to determine the best course of action for you.

Q.  Do you buy houses if they are run down or in disrepair?
A.  We buy ALL types of houses! Any condition, any location, and any price range. We buy everything from a run-down old shack sliding off its foundation to multi-million dollar mansions that need no repairs at all.

Q.  Are there any fees involved?
A.  NO! We do not charge any fees to make an offer or to buy your house. That includes NO real estate commissions.

  • Q.  Where do you buy houses?
    A.  We buy primarily in northern Virginia, Maryland and DC; but will buy houses anywhere in the country.

    Q.  There is a vacant house on my block, should I contact you?
    A.  Absolutely! We can track down the owner and make them a cash offer. If we purchase the house it will be quickly fixed up and increase your property value and that of your neighbors.

    Q.  Are you Realtors® who just want to list my house?
    A.  We are Realtors®, but we don’t want to list your house we want to buy it. 

    Q.  What if my property has Health Department violations or is condemned?
    A.  No problem, we can still buy your house as is, even if it has demolition orders scheduled.

    Q.  Do you deal in higher priced properties?
    A.  Yes, we can work with any seller who needs to move a property quickly for any reason and in any price range.

    Q.  What if I am behind on my payments or in foreclosure, can you help?
    A.  Yes, if you call or contact us now, we may be able to help catch up your back payments and stop the foreclosure process.

    Q.  What do you charge for your services?
    A.  There is never a charge or commission when we buy your home!

    Q.  If I submit your Seller Questionnaire, when will I hear from you?
    A.  As soon as we hear from you, we will review your information and get back to you ASAP (usually within 24 to 48 hours depending on when you submit the information).  

    Q.  Do you pay for referrals if I lead you to another house that you buy?
    A.  Yes, if you know someone who needs to sell their home, please refer them to us or have them give us a call.  We'll pay you from $500 to $1500 for each house you refer to us that we buy.  

    Q.  I still have questions.
    A.  Contact us with your questions and we will answer them as quickly as possible.

    Q.  OK, I'm ready to sell my house.
    A.  Great, fill out the form under the “Sell A House” tab and we'll get started.